Depression can manifest several different ways. Uncontrollable anger, restlessness, fatigue and more. It can come in waves or last for period of times. There are several different types of depression but they all have one thing in common, they make everyday life impossible at times.

There is hope. Through therapy a person suffering from Depression can learn coping skills and healthy ways of managing their symptoms. In some cases, medication management will be needed. Either with medication or not, therapy can provide a safe place for a person to process either emotions, work through the triggers and come out stronger.


The therapists at Guiding Light Christian Counseling Center understand the toll that anxiety can have on your overall mental and physical well-being and are here to help you. Everyone at some point in their lives will experience an increase in stress and anxiety based on their own personal experiences and life changes. Anxiety itself is not inherently bad as it serves a purpose to keep us safe when our minds perceive a threat or danger. It is when anxiety starts to increase in frequency and interfere in our daily routine that we might want to consider therapy to us help cope with the overwhelming feeling that anxiety can cause us to feel.

Working with a therapist in discussing your anxiety, stressors and fears will allow for your therapist to work with you in incorporating techniques to reduce your anxiety. Your therapist will work with you to select the best therapeutic approach based on your own personal needs. The approaches that our therapists utilize include but are not limited to: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Narrative, Solution Focused Therapy, and Christian Counseling.


Going through a divorce is extremely exhausting and emotionally draining.  When children are involved, the stress is increased.  it is important to not only care for their needs but manage your own.

Working with families are going through this stressful time, therapy allows for a safe place for children to process and ask questions, working through their fears and worries through play and with therapeutic activities.

For adults, having someone to connect with allows for open communication, guidance not advice and a place to let out the fear, worry, sadness, and anger you are attempting to manage.  A place where your needs can be met, and you can learn ways of processing your feelings safely and come out whole at the end.


Children on the Autism Spectrum and those with Developmental Delays process life’s events differently. They see the world differently. And because of this, therapy has to be done differently. AutPlay was designed especially for children on the Spectrum and with Developmental Delays.

Dr. Robert Jason Grant understood this and created a Play therapy curriculum that would allow Autistic children and others, to develop skills and cope with life events, in their own unique way. Strength based interventions allows play to be an important factor as your child works through and develops lifelong skills.

Family Therapy

It is our belief that families play an important role in our lives, whether it is the influence our caregivers had on us individually or the way in which our actions affect our own families and loved ones. Involving our families in therapy can prove to be one of the most beneficial techniques in healing for the individual.

A family therapist will be able to assist the family in rediscovering connection and bonds that may have been affected over time. Additionally, family therapy will allow for families to identify and incorporate effective and assertive communication between family members as to further facilitate conflict resolution and to promote a more harmonious interaction overall.

Relationship/Couples Therapy

Couples therapy is an effective way to address some of the maladaptive patterns that can arise between partners. Abrupt and sudden changes such as life transitions, financial stress, infidelity, and other outside stressors can prove to be overwhelming for some couples to deal with alone. In couples’ therapy, the therapist will assess, identify and explore the presenting patterns and issues that are currently affecting the relationship.

Once the dynamics have been identified, the therapist and the couple will work collaboratively to find ways to both educate and implement relational skills to better improve the relationship. Therapists are there to assist the couple in exploring new ways to communicate, listen, and to create a neutral and safe space for the couple to share their thoughts and feelings.


Ever felt as though your mind was going a mile a minute and unable to stop? Feel like you have started project after project, but nothing is ever completed? Does your child struggle to sit and constantly appears to be on the “go.”

ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) affects children and adults. It can cause stress, aggression, impulse control issues, poor work/school performance, and more. Medication is one tool that helps but also working with a licensed therapist on develop tricks or tools you can use to help reduce the symptoms and stress. Problem-solving, time management and planning ahead are skills you can develop through therapy along with processing the emotions attached.